Against The Plagues to release Purified Through Devastation next month through Non Serviam Records

Against The Plagues 3

At 47 minutes, Against The Plagues’ Purified Through Devastation is just long enough to satisfy, although it still leaves you wanting more. The sound is massive; the riffs are unbelievably chunky and the drumming is in your face and devastatingly heavy. Mixing speed with slower tempos works successfully throughout. This is one excellent slab of Blackened Death Metal that can be considered yet another of this year’s elite Extreme Metal releases. A prime example of frightening savagery, amazing musical execution, and excellent songwriting. This one is guaranteed to make year-end top 10 lists.

While the entire album is great from start to finish, “Man’s Modern World”, “Praetorian Icon”, “Terrorform”, and “Enblightened” are definite stand out tracks. Against The Plagues features members and (ex)members of bands: Damnation, Forest Of Impaled, Luciferion, Malevolent Creation, among others great bands. Purified Through Devastation’s artwork was done by Par Olofsson, who also did covers for: Exodus, Immolation, Demonaz, Immortal and many more.

Purified Through Devastation hits stores December 18th through Non Serviam Records. Pre-orders are available now here and here. Sample the record via the music video for the album’s fifth offering, Terrorform.

Purified Through Devastation track listing:

1. “Man’s Modern World”
2. “All Flesh Had Corrupted”
3. “Praetorian Icon”
4. “Theokratia”
5. “Terrorform”
6. “Extermination Event”
7. “Falling Further” (Instrumental)
8. “Enblightened”
9. “Enemy Herein”

Against The Plagues 2

Against The Plagues are:

Shaun Albro – Vocals
Jon Corston – Guitar
Aaron Covarrubias – Guitar
Varyen Chylinski – Drums
Milo Kovacevic – Bass