Aeon guitarist leaves band


Aeon guitarist Ronnie Björnström has left the band. News of his departure came via the following post to the band’s Facebook page:

“We have a sad announcement to make, and we start by giving Ronnie the word:

‘Hey guys!

I have decided to call it the quits from Aeon. It was a hard decision to make, but touring has taken its toll on me. My body can’t handle the stress that is required for touring the long periods. So therefore I’m leaving the band and giving someone else the opportunity to rule on stage with the best death metal band out there!
I’v had a rad time with the Aeon guys. Touring with the biggest bands in the genre in both Europe and USA.

I will still be around music. Producing and mixing records as that is my profession.

With that said, i take my leave.

Thanks to all the fans and friends that have supported me and AeoN throughout the time. You rule!


First we would all like to thank our brother Ronnie for his short, but intense part of the Aeon chapter, and wish him good luck with his future whatever it may be. We’re sad about this cause Ronnie is a long time friend of the band and a great guy. He produced Aeons Black and he used to do FoH for us. But of course health have gotta come first.

As you already are guessing right now – yes we will start the hunt for a new guitar player right…”