Aenaon release “Earth Tomb” music video

Greek avant black metal collective Aenaon are streaming another track off their upcoming record Hypnosophy titled “Earth Tomb”. The group said of the accompanying video:

“A short, cinematic film beyond deathlike dreaming, ‘Earth Tomb’ takes a step inside the very existence of humanity and the search for inner truth. Are dreams the dimension of a parallel existence? The boundaries of the mind become blurry through the eyes of a tortured man trapped in a barren earth. This journey has no destination but oblivion and anguish. [Hypnosophy cover artist] Łukasz Wodyński‘s imagery is tense and lifelike. He has managed to integrate perfectly his own vision with the lyrical and musical ingenuity of Aenaon to give birth to a new dimension of cathartic madness. A shamanic ritual incarnated, shifting form ecstatic rhythms to paranoia and rapture. Awake in a nightmare, this time there is no salvation, only lunacy and beyond. Welcome to hell, welcome to Earth.”

The group’s new album, Hypnosophy, is slated to hit stores through Aural Music imprint Code666 on November 25th in Europe and December 9th in North America. Pre-orders are available over at the Aural webstore.

[via Decibel]