Accuser debut new song “Time For Silence”

Band: Accuser
Song: “Time For Silence”
Album: The Mastery
Release Date: January 26th, 2018
Label: Metal Blade Records

The band of their upcoming effort:

“2017 has been quite busy for us, as we wanted to come back with a bang and to present you a more than decent follow up to The Forlorn Divide. For us, The Mastery is the essence of what Accuser is all about. It definitely feels like the angry newborn child of Who Dominates Who and Repent. We just hope all you thrashers out there are going to enjoy this record as much as we do!”


  • The Mastery track listing:

    1. “Mission: Missile”
    2. “The Real World”
    3. “Solace In Sorrow”
    4. “Time For Silence”
    5. “My Skin”
    6. “Catacombs”
    7. “Mourning”
    8. “Ruthless”
    9. “Into The Black”
    10. “The Mastery”