Accursed Spawn release bass playthrough for their track “Clotheshanger Abortion”

Accursed Spawn have released a a video for their track “Clotheshanger Abortion” that features their bassist Weiyun performing the song. Brittany Dawn Kreatives filmed and edited the clip. Drummer Jay Cross comments:

“We figured it was about time to show people what Wei has added to the Accursed Spawn sound. To say the least, his hands flying around the fretless has caught a lot of people’s attention since he joined about a year ago. Hopefully this will give fans a sense of what they can expect when we record our debut full-length later this year.”

“Clotheshanger Abortion” appears on the band’s 2014 EP Putrid. Copies can be purchased from the group’s Big Cartel and Bandcamp, as well as through CDN Records.