ABRAHMA release “Lost.Forever.” music video

Song: “Lost.Forever.”
Director: Michael Leclere
Album: In Time For The Last Rays Of Light
Release Date: May 24th, 2019
Label: Small Stone Recordings

Vocalist/guitarist Sebastien Bismuth offers:

‘Lost.Forever.’ unequivocally deals with depression, so I wanted to evoke identity quest as a parry to nothingness; when you lose yourself into the wilderness and have to draw in your own resources, facing yourself and looking after your animus, finding the strength to fight for things that may seem meaningless. Moving slowly toward an inextricable death, whether you do it to get a little more time or to find epiphany as a last shield before the abyss. We keep scattering pieces of ourselves through our constant efforts to stay alive. It’s like dying a little more each time. And it’s what will get us in the end.”