ABRAHMA debut new song “Eclipse Of The Sane Pt. 2: Fiddler Of The Bottle”

Song: “Eclipse Of The Sane Pt. 2: Fiddler Of The Bottle”
Album: In Time For The Last Rays Of Light
Release Date: May 24th, 2019
Label: Small Stone Recordings

Frontman Sebastien Bismuth comments:

“The ‘Eclipse Of The Sane’ deals with another side of depression: The feeling of being disconnected from everyday life; this sensation of being alone and rejected, even if you have family and friends. It’s like no one understands you and you have a different language from other people… And the more you try socializing, the more you lose. Then begins self-destruction, where all sanity slowly disappears and gives way to some really dark thoughts, which will sometimes give you the need to end it all, and join your ‘ghosts’… This song is also about the ‘alcoholic’ side of it. You know that the ‘magic potion’ will kill you, but this is the only one you can easily buy to rearrange your mind; like a suicide helped by the bottle. The narrator is jailed in his suffering and sings his last requiem to his family and friends.”


[via Invisible Oranges]