Abhorrent Decimation debut new track “Granted Indulgence”

Abhorrent Decimation have unleashed an audio assault with the premiere of their new single “Granted Indulgence”. Frontman Ashley Scott offered of the new track:

“We are really pleased with how this one came out. ‘Granted Indulgence’ is such a pivotal point in the story too, so it was really important to us that it stood out. In the story, ‘Granted Indulgence’ is the point at which our three men take to the woods in search of ‘Death’. A right horrible git, who has taken the lives of men, women and children in their village. Instead of finding ‘Death’ in the deep dark woods, they find a sea of treasure. It is at this point, the three men, so overwhelmed at this life changing find, they begin to conspire against one another.”

The onslaught that is the U.K. extreme metal outfit’s new record The Pardoner will arrive on July 28th through Prosthetic Records. Secure your copy ahead of its release via your preferred vendor here.