A new Ghost EP to arrive this year

In an interview with MetalSucks, one of Ghost’s Nameless Ghouls revealed that the band will be releasing an EP this year. The effort – which will feature “some new material” – is due to arrive sometime after July. The Ghoul offered:

“We’re gonna finish up this tour in Albany, which is on May 22nd, and then our European tour starts May 27th. And that stretches into right in the beginning of July; so that’s gonna be festivals. After that, we have an EP coming out. That’s gonna be great, because that’s gonna, sort of, re-energize the whole cycle. So there’s gonna be some new material, we’re gonna have a new stage show. So it’s gonna be a completely different setting. Then we’re gonna terrorize you with that up until next year.”

The full interview can be seen below: