A Light Divided release full stream of new effort Choose Your Own Adventure

Band: A Light Divided
Album: Choose Your Own Adventure
Release Date: October 5th, 2018

Vocalist Jaycee Clark commented on the album’s release:

“I’m so ready for everyone to finally get their hands on Choose Your Own Adventure! It’s really exciting to be able to show how much we’ve grown as a band since our last release. I hope fans both old and new love it as much as we do!”


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  • Choose Your Own Adventure track listing:

    1. “Make Your Luck”
    2. “Fear of Heights”
    3. “Remedy”
    4. “Another Bar Fight In Brooklyn”
    5. “Life Lessons”
    6 “The War We Watched”
    7. “Scars of You”
    8. “Finding Center”
    9. “Sink Into Nothing”
    10. “Plastic Crowns”
    11. “Counting To Sober”
    12. “Armor and War Paint”

    [via New Noise Magazine]