A Devil’s Din debut new single “Phayze Ulysses”

Psych/stoner rockers A Devil’s Din have released a second single from their upcoming full-length Skylight. Titled “Phaze Ulysses”, the song can be heard here courtesy of ForgetTheBox.net. Vocalist/guitarist David Lines comments:

‘Phaze Ulysses’ is the second track on the album and a continuation of the album’s theme, which is about growth and discovery on the psychedelic journey. It’s probably our most upbeat tune on the record, with a really fun, driving guitar riff that opens up the track. The beat is almost like those classic ‘bug beats’ from the 60’s, but the chords move in unusual ways, creating the space for unexpected, but really hooky melody. And over-all, it’s pretty heavy! It’s about opening your mind, but not being too stressed about it. ‘You don’t have too see the light, just scrutinize the glow.’ No one expects you to become a Buddha, at least make the effort to not be an asshole.”

Skylight is scheduled to drop June 17th through Lines label Island Dive Records. Pre-orders can be picked up at the band’s website. The group previously released a video for the effort’s title track, which you can check out below.

Skylight track listing:

1. “Skylight”
2. “Phaze Ulysses”
3. “Never The Same Thing”
4. “Bow To Thee, Absurde”
5. “I Don’t Know”
6. “Nature Of The Beast”
7. “For A While”
8. “Eye’s Pie”
9. “Prequel”

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