Trash Boat issue video for new track “Inside Out”

Band: Trash Boat
Song: “Inside Out”
Album: Crown Shyness
Release Date: July 20th, 2018
Label: Hopeless Records

Vocalist Tobi Duncan said of the single:

“This song is a personal analysis of my inner monologue. The ‘guy’ that’s with me with every decision, every thought process and my quietest, most solitary moments. ‘He’ regularly represents the two extremes of my nature. Always there to talk me out of making horrible decisions and ready to chastise me for making them anyway.

I think in all honesty ‘he’ is the first and most important thing I need to make peace with and understand. ‘He’ is the foundation of my self and is subject to my guidance while having total control over me. My order and my chaos.”


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