7 Minutes In Heaven debut final song “Worth”; announce disbandment

Alternative rockers 7 Minutes In Heaven premiered an audio stream of a “new” track titled “Worth”. The song is available for purchase here. “Worth” was originally written and recorded during the sessions for last year’s Symmetry EP (Rude), but didn’t make the cut. The single serves as the band’s swansong as they have decided to disband. The group issued a statement via their Facebook post, which read:

“Hey everybody,

We wanted to take a minute and thank each and every one of you for your support over the years. It means the world to us and we are so grateful for the love. As you may have noticed, we’ve been a little quiet the last few months, a lot has been happening, and we’re finally ready to open up with you. As of now, 7 Minutes in Heaven will be disbanding for the foreseeable future. It took some time for us to process this, but moving forward it is going to be bittersweet. This wasn’t a quick or easy decision, but after sitting down and discussing it, we realized the best thing for the four of us was to step back from 7MIH. We came into this as friends and wanted to be able to leave it that way.

Thank you is an understatement, for the amount of love you’ve shown us, whether you’ve been there since the beginning, or just simple found our music on a whim. During our time as 7MIH, we reached heights and accomplishments we never knew possible, you made our dreams come true, and together we found family across the entire world. You saved our lives on more than one occasion, changed us, and made us strive to become better people. We all grew up together in such extreme conditions, even if we didn’t realize it as it was happening, but looking back it was absolutely insane to see where we started from and where we are today.

We don’t want make this about a sad ending, but the beginning of what was truly always meant to be. This is not the end for anyone, everyone will reach crossroads in their lifetime, but sometimes we must find the courage to take the difficult path, even if its not one you had ever seen before. We promise we will see you all again, we have been so lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people, you have all touched us beyond understanding, taught us so much, and all we ask is you carry positivity, hope, and love with you through all of life’s difficulties and hardships.

We did want to leave you with something, a brand new song called ‘Worth’. In the initial days of pre-production for the Symmetry EP, we went into ABG Studios at the beginning of 2017 for a few days to materialize some of the ideas we had. During this time we wrote the song ‘LOTL’, but before that we recorded ‘Worth’. When it finally came time to choose the songs for the EP, this one didn’t make the cut, but we wanted to share it with you, where it all started for us.

‘Worth’ was initially an ode to its namesake, but it became about reaching a breaking point within yourself, and having to be honest with yourself in order to grow. You can choose to keep living in the cage of your fear and doubts, but this will always end in sadness and regrets. Even when the whole world feels against you, trust me one human can change it. We hope you enjoy this song and find the positivity within it. http://7mih.lnk.to/Worth

Thanks for letting a bunch of kids take on the world together.

much love,

Timmy, Alex, Justin, Brennan