-(16)- streaming new song “Landloper”

A new track by sludge veterans -(16)- titled “Landloper” is now available to stream online. Vocalist Cris Jerue comments:

“The song ‘Landloper’ is a tension-filled little ditty that deals with the inner craving to quit everything and live off the grid. Or take up residence on a blanket at the beach. Or subsist in the doorway of a bank. It doesn’t fucking matter. Just get yourself anywhere else as soon as possible and become a free, unfettered hominid before time runs out. It’s easily the most negative, positivistic song on the record.”

The song appears on the group’s new record, Lifespan Of A moth, which is set to hit shelves July 15th through Relapse Records. Secure your copy today by following this link or this one.

[via CVLT Nation]